“We have experts on staff to help you understand and navigate the Utah Motion Picture Incentive Program”

Operation Manager Marshall Moore served as Director of The Utah Film Commission from 2007-2014 and was on staff when the first film incentive program was created by The State of Utah.

Since 2004 over 200 productions have utilized the ongoing film incentive program, it is a simple application and monthly approval process.

Quick overview:

-20% or 25% rebate on qualified Utah expenditures

-fully refundable tax credit or cash rebate

-pre-approved post-performance rebate through the application process

– $8.29 million annual appropriation, no project cap

-minimum spend $500k

-work with the Utah Film Commission to complete the application and submit for the monthly approval meeting.

-once your application is approved the dollar amount is encumbered and all you need to do is go and start hiring, complete the project, hire a 3rd party auditor and submit for the rebate check from the state tax commission

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